Camp Mack

     Camp Mack is in a prime location with regards to fishing the entire chain but they just don't seem to care about their customers.

     Camp Mack, what should be an enjoyable experience on the water, makes it into a miserable day before you get your boat launched; provided your boat makes it to the ramp with the obstacle course of trees and the shake down you get in the pot hole riddled so called parking lot. The worst part is you have to pay and it was tough to get a good morning have a nice day from the person taking your money. With all the money Camp Mack has taken over the years they have not done a single improvement at the fish camp.

     The ramps themselves are another issue, when the Kissimmee Chain draws down the lakes, which they do every year, there is dangerous bedrock at the end of their ramps and if you don't know where there could do some serious damage to your water craft. I have a scar on my boat to prove it and have seen several similarities launching and loading boats at this mud hole. The safest ramp to launch from is the first ramp when the water is low. So if you must launch there, make sure you wait to launch and load at the first ramp. It would be nice if they let you know this when taking your money or better yet rope it off.

     It would also be nice if Camp Mack put some rub rails on their makeshift docks to help protect our expensive investments as well from scratches from the pipes and clamps that are exposed.

     But don't take my word for it, see for yourself!

Another Incident From Another Boater at Camp Mack During Clearwater Bass Tournament

     The tandem axel trailer I have slide off the end of the ramp on the right hand side of the axel. I tried several times to pull the trailer back onto the ramp and I even tried the 4 wheel drive, to no avail.

     After not being able to find an alternative way to remove my trailer, I was able to find 2 residents of Camp Mack willing to go into the water and lift my trailer up. Well it was the best 12 pack of Bud Light I ever bought ! I forget your names but THANKS A MILLION and remember it not where your from itís who you are.

     Once my trailer was freed from the end of the ramp and my boat was trailed, the real fun started. I had sustained damage to the right side fender of the trailer and the front tire of the tandem axel was flat. After changing the tire it was determined that the sidewall was punctured possibly from the end of the ramp.

     Message to Camp Mack: I do not know how much a bag of quickset cement is but I think after collecting as much ramp fees as you do ($10.00 from me that weekend) you could extend your ramp and replace the rickety docks. Heck I would have given you the repair cost of my trailer fender and tire if it would not happen to anyone again, as I was told ďit happens all the timeĒ.

    I think itís time to reinvest in your facility, no just collect fees. I do not think I will use your facility again until things change and I also have heard the same from others who fished the tournament.