NAME: ____________________________________________________________________________

ADDRESS: _________________________________________________________________________

CITY: ___________________________________________ST. FL  ZIP: _______________________

HOME PHONE: _______________________________CELL PHONE: _______________________

E-MAIL ADDRESS: _________________________________________________________________

B.A.S.S. # : __________________________________________ EXP: __________________________

SIGN : ____________________________________________ DATE: __________________________


NAME: _____________________________________________________________________________

ADDRESS: __________________________________________________________________________

CITY: __________________________________________ST. FL  ZIP: _________________________

HOME PHONE: _______________________________CELL PHONE: ________________________

E-MAIL ADDRESS: __________________________________________________________________

B.A.S.S. # : __________________________________________EXP: ___________________________

SIGN : _____________________________________________ DATE: __________________________


Monthly Tournaments $50.00 and Optional $10.00 Big Bass

*Must pay                                                    Boater        Non-boater

                                  CLUB DUES:    $50.00___*$50.00___*

National B.A.S.S. Federation Dues:  $30.00___  $30.00 ___

Florida B.A.S.S. Federation Dues:    $25.00___  $25.00 ___

BOATER            CASH ___ CHECK ____Total Amount:________CHECK # __________

NON-BOATER  CASH ___CHECK ____Total amount:________ CHECK # __________

Make Checks Payable to: South Pasco Bassmasters


In signing this agreement, I hereby release South Pasco Basssmasters, its officers, agents, employees and sponsorsfrom any and all damages, claims, demands, cost or expenses relating to injuryof any person(s) or any property, which I may sustain or which I may cause byreason of participating in or in connection with any and all South Pasco Bassmasters events.


Covenant not to sueand Waiver of Subrogation:Ifurther agree that I will never sue South PascoBassmasters for damages on account of any injury ordamage I suffer or cause whether known now or which may develop in the future.In the event South Pasco Bassmasters is sued becauseof my actions, I expressly agree to indemnify and hold South Pasco Bassmasters harmless from anyliability whatsoever, including court cost and attorney fees, arising withrespect to such actions.I understandthat in waiving my rights to sue South PascoBassmaster,I am also waiving my rights of recovery from South PascoBassmasters of my Insurance carrier for any claimsthey may pay on my behalf. I further understand that by signing this agreementI waive any rights my heirs or relatives have or may have to sue South Pasco Bassmasters forliability.This Covenant and all itsconditions will also apply to protect and release a Member Boater from any andall issues with respect to damage or injury a non-boater may sustain or causewhile on the members boat during any and all South Pasco Bassmastersevents including actual tournament day and pre-fishing events.